Elemelians continued . . . .

Episode 7

Papillion Guildy


Voiced by: Shin-ichiro Miki ( Japanese ); J. Michael Tatum ( English )


An Elemelian soldier that has a lip fetish, as well as an overpowering desire to kiss.

( Lead to a white, sandy beach near a beach resort, the Twin Tails are introduced to Papillion Guildy. He wishes to kiss TailRed, but wastes no time in launching a multi-faceted attack, quickly defused by TailYellow. Not to be outdone, Pappillion Guildy tries the same attack again, and again TailYellow counters, this time acting like she is having way too much fun ! TailBlue removes TailRed from the battle scene, while TailYellow employs Arua Piller and Voltic Judgement to polish off Pappillion Guildy. )

Kerberos Guildy


Voiced by: Kanehirea Yamamoto ( Japanese ); Chuck Huber ( English )


An Elemelian soldier that has a fetish for the girl's and women's hairstyle of wearing their hair in braids.

Kerberos Guildy has trained Dark Grasper to the height of battle excellence, as well as managing her idol stardom, but now has a final request. He wants her to wear her hair in braids, since a girl's hairstyle with braids is his human fetish. Dark Grasper refuses to comply, because she insists that Twin Tails and Glasses are the best combination ( in her opinion, anyway ! ) for teen girls to wear.

( In true Elemelian style, they decide to fight it out over what Dark Grasper's future hairstyle will be. Within a few moments, Dark Grasper defeats Kerberos Guildy with Chaosic Infinite, and collects the crystal orb remaining from Kerberos Guildy's demise.

Episode 8




Voiced by Mitsuo Iwata (Japanese); Barry Yandell (English)


An Elemelian soldier that has a fetish for good classic and modern literature, plus poetry, especially poetry concerning the twin tail hairstyle.

( Owlguildy and TailRed meet in an abandoned, grass covered empty lot between two downtown buildings. After exchanging pleasantries, the battle begins. Surprisingly, the two combatants find the time between strikes to discuss what constitutes " Good Literature " ! In the end, TailRed calls up Blazer Blade, Aura Pillar, Brake Release, and Grand Blazer to defeat Owlguildy. )

Episode 9

The Twin Tail Warriors were preoccupied with Dark Grasper, and did not meet or confront any of the Elemelians. Therefore, no Elemelians were killed in this episode.

Episode 10



Voiced by: Shō Hayami (Japanese); David Wald (English)


An Eremerian soldier that has a male crossdressing and presenting as a female fetish.


( In the first contact with the Twin Tail Warriors, Spiderguildy engages them in battle. However, he tries something different, rather than confronting the Twin Tails on power and battle skill alone. One-by-one Spiderguildy is able to inflict mental, emotional, and spiritual damage to each one of the Twin Tails. It would seem that he is victorious for the moment, and he unexpectedly withdraws from active battle time to travel back to the Elemelian spaceship. The Twin Tail Warriors are left to try and figure out what Spiderguildy did to each of them such that they do not 'feel like themselves' at all ! )


Episode 11


Episode 12