" I am Student Council President .  .  .  . and you will do everything that I tell you to do ! "



Erina Shindō (神堂 慧理那 Shindō Erina)
Voiced by
Chinatsu Akasaki (Japanese); Mikaela Krantz (English)



Erina Shindo is a petite, attractive, and well dressed young teenage girl. She is the Student Council President for her school's student body, and is able to be as bold and demanding as the position requires. However, she is a deep, many layered individual, who in private life, can show herself as a meek, shy, submissive person, or all the way to being a fearless, outgoing exhibitionist and heroine, and everything inbetween. Erina comes from a very wealthy family, but is not spoiled, due to the influence of her strict, disciplinarian mother. She even has a posse of bodyguards that are with her day and night, to protect her and keep her out of trouble. All of her bodyguards are female, and dress in Gothic / Lolita or maid attire. However, Erina is still somewhat immature when it comes to social and emotional stibility. The other two Twin Tail Warriors, as well as Twoearle, find it necessary to try and readjust her emotional and spiritual attributes. However, Erina is given bad advice, mostly from Twoearle, since Twoearle does not know enough about human social interaction to understand how humans act, and why they do what they do.

Despite Soji holding her golden twin tail hairstyle in the highest possible regards, Erina actually hates that hairstyle, and only wears it because her mother insists that she do so to further that family tradition. Yet, she granted Soji's request to form an after school club with no apparent useful purpose, being called " The Twin Tail Club ". Erina greatly admires anime and manga heros and heroines, and that becomes the alternate motivation, and not love of twin tails, enabling her to sync with and operate the Yellow Tail Gear.