Voiced by: Shuichi Ikeda (Japanese); Kent Williams (English)


The Time Warp


During a very intensive battle with Spiderguildy, TailRed is on the verge of defeat. At the last possible moment, she is sucked into some sort of time warp, possibly by the twin tail barrettes that where given to her by Twoearle, and that she is wearing for the first time in battle. TailRed is de-transitioned into Soji, teleported, and finds themselves in another time and space, another dimension in another world, where time IRL has paused for a while. When he awakes, he finds himself in the presence of a mysterious, nebulous godlike Personage, that identifies itself as his Conscience. The Personage is pale and translucent, but has a humanlike appearance, appears to be genderless, and is wearing huge blonde twin tails. A very profound conversation ensues, with Soji being asked to review several of life's lessons that he has experienced recently, and the Personage is offering advice to readjust some of Soji's thinking and attitudes. Soji is helped to regain his Agape Love that has been overshadowed by a bout of Eros Love. This most notably as the teenage boy Soji, his love and admiration of girls who wear their hair in twin tails is reaffirmed, and as the teenage girl Solar, the love and conviction to always wear her hair in twin tails as a symbol of her commitment to what is good, noble, and proper, is reaffirmed and rededicated. Soji is also strongly advised never to negate the friendship and love of the people around him, most of all the Twin Tail Warriors that has been at his side through thick and thin.

Soji is then transported back to reality, retransitioned into TailRed and placed into the battle once more. The Time Warp actually places TailRed a couple of dozen seconds prior to her seemingly destined defeat, thereby giving her a new 'lease on life', and allowing her to regroup so as to continue to fight with renewed vigor.