TailRed uses Blazer Blade as one of her weapons.

" What ? A second sword ??? "

" I don't have Twin Tails for nothing, ya know !!! "



Tail Red (テイルレッド Teiru Reddo?) /

Sōji Mitsuka (観束 総二 Mitsuka Sōji?)

Tail Red Voiced by: Sumire Uesaka (Japanese); Bryn Apprill (English)

Soji voiced by: Nobunaga Shimazaki (Japanese); Austin Tindle (English)



After Soji goes through a Henshin ( Transformation Sequence ), they take on the physical appearance and mentality of an adolescent, teenage girl, who at the beginning of her first battle with an Elemelian, names herself, " TailRed ". TailRed retains all the memories that Soji has, but now must funcition with a female mind and body. Her first efforts to direct her body, and command her power suit, called TailGear, have to be learned during the heat of her first battle with Lizardguildy. However, TailRed learns quick and fast, using her small, light body to maneuver around Lizardguildy with speed and agility. Just as quick, TailRed learns how to access and use her weapons. With some difficulty, TailRed overcomes and vanquishes Lizardguildy, using a combination of her power attributes. Later, with TailRed gaining more experience and self-confidence, she is able to defeat a powered-up Dragguildy, the Leader of the Elemelians.

Due to her female alter ego, Tail Red, becoming popular quickly after her debut in battle at the Exhibition Hall, and since she had become the first twintail warrior to transform and engage the monsters in battle, Soji, now as Tail Red, becomes the leader of the Twintail Warriors. Her weapons are Sword of Fire, Brake Release, Aura Pillar, and Blazer Blade (炎の剣ブレイザーブレイド Honō no Ken Bureizā Bureido?). In Episode 4 of the anime, she gains two power-up forms: Riser Chain and Faller Chain. She later gains Ultimate Chain (her strongest form) after regaining her Twintail Elémera, which she lost to the monster Tyrannoguildy in a previous encounter.