" I want everyone to see my true self in battle .  .  .  .   I wish to expose myself as the heroine that I am ! "



Tail Yellow (テイルイエロー Teiru Ierō)
Voiced by
Chinatsu Akasaki (Japanese); Mikaela Krantz (English)



One of the Twin Tail heriones, she is in real life a 16-year-old sophomore of Yōgetsu Private Academy, and the Student Council President. Known as Tail Yellow in her transformed state, her weapon is Gun of Lightning, Voltage Judgement, Vortex Blaster (雷の銃ヴォルテックスブラスター Kaminari no Jū Vorutekkusu Burasutā). She is a closet masochist and exhibitionist, and gets aroused when Sōji calls her name (which usually triggers her to call him master). When she first became a Twintail warrior, she could not operate her Tail Gear or weapons to any useful degree. Later, she becomes a completely reckless fighter because of her masochistic ways. TailYellow was the only one of the Twin Tail Warriors who, at first, couldn't use her power because of her denial of love of twintails, until Soji reasons with her about an alternate motivation that would activate the Tail Gear. Soji explains that TailYellow's admiration of and desire to be a heroine would be enough to spur her on. Unlike Sōji and Aika, Erina's Twin Tail Warrior form makes her look older ( a 21+ adult ), and although she does not change gender, and she displays a more well endowed, very adult-like female body and figure. In battle, she sometimes decides to almost completely disrobe ( she sheds the Tail Gear, revealing an outfit similar to a white bikini swimsuit ), and allows the Tail Gear to reassemble into a remote-controlled mobile battle station.

In Vol 7, she gains Absolute Chain.